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20-07-2008 16:44

M2H made this thread originally, and he said the manual would extend, so I thought I would add some more tips in smile.gif

How to keep my bank account safe?

When does my bank account number get logged?

Logged at the bank log & your own vpc:
-When transferring cash from a bank.
-When logging into your account at any of the six banks.

Only logged at your own pc:
-When buying hardware
-When buying e-mail accounts
-When buying domains at the NPC
-When you reset your IP or a GS IP
-When you buy a GS (Group Server)
-When reporting someone for DDoSing
-When collecting income from your slaves.
-When buying new bank account, except from the first bank. (its free)

You should never really login to your bank account for any reason but to transfer your funds to someone else or to another bank account.
If you don't login to your account, then it is 100% safe from the banks log.

When you are transferring cash, it will show up in the log.
Here is a manual on how to hack someones bank account & it goes for transferring your own cash as well smile.gif

Never buy, collect or transfers anything while you have a dirty IP, (while ddosin) someone could be camping your vpc till you collect, so if you think someone is in you vpc, try and reset your IP just to be on the safe side.

This is a little tip I have learned while I have been here.
If you have quite a lot of money, and you have say 6 bank accounts, try putting your biggest amount of cash in the last account.
why? you ask,
Because if you have say 10million in the 1st account and 500k in the second and someone catches you buying something they will get 10million not the 500k.
Make sure that you collect enough money into the first account to cover the price of the things you will end up buying, so that you don't overspend and end up dipping into the next account anyway smile.gif

So what I do is, have my highest amounts in the bottom 3 accounts, I collect into my 1st account, and leave my 2nd and 3rd account clear for bank robbing.
For Example;

33.53. ------[account number] [account password] 123456.78
135.132.---[account number] [account password] 0.00
63.203. ----[account number] [account password] 0.00
121.15. ----[account number] [account password] 30000000.00
71.136. ----[account number] [account password] 20000000.00
207.118.---[account number] [account password] 10000000.00

And always remember clear the logs after every action you do, (bank logs and your logs) to keep the risk of been caught to a minimal.

The safest solution:
Only collect from slaves or purchase hardware when you have a 'clean' IP, meaning that you are confident that nobody has your IP address. If nobody can see your logs, nobody can steal your money.

A tip from mmistermeh:
I personally keep all of my money at the first bank because so many people camp it that one, most people wont even check bank accounts unless they see a big transfer and if they do lots of people will be fighting over it nobody really gets the satisfaction unless they spend it really quickly.

If there is anymore help of information you would like to know just ask smile.gif

Here's a way to make your collect safer by DaMaGeX.

  • Step 1: First move on to your log, delete the content and press edit.
  • Step 2: Before finishing the log-clearing process move on to your slaves.
  • Step 3: Click on 'Collect income from all slaves' and choose your bank.
  • Step 4: Move on to your processes and finish the log-clearing process.

  • Tip: Be sure that the log-clearing process will be finished when collecting from slaves.


    A manual on how to steal other peoples money by j_nash3000:

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