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This player is awesome: he/she has been actively supporting SlaveHack j_nash3000
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15-08-2008 23:23

This will be pinned so that your suggestions do not fall off the forum.

If it gets too big it will have to be locked again though..

If you have a large list of things, please post it periodically, rather than posting it here smile.gif

Edited on 02-11-2008 01:34
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15-08-2008 23:27

u see donations are good
well to make it easyer to donate for teh younger ppl then u shud make a SMS mobile phone donation thingy
im not shure where to get one but i can find out etc grin.gif  
This player is awesome: he/she has been actively supporting SlaveHack mrgreaper
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16-08-2008 20:30

ok im not sure this is posible
and i have no idea if tthis is how it works

ok first three text files

1 full of about 20 random ips (those will be virtual vpcs)

1 with a large list f npc ips

1 with about 5 random ips (those would be advanced virtual ips)

right using a script,
a virtual pc from list one at a random time pretends to log into a npc from list 2 (it woulld have to be assigned a wwl and other equipment software) it would leave its ip in the log for say 10 minutes. it would then see if the server had software higher then itself and doewn load only one-timeof those if it did (agaiin leaving a log entry for 10 minutes

now the advanced ones
they would do the same as above but each one would have its own extra ips text file that would start with the npc list but when ever it logged into a server it would parse the log for ips and add them to its list for the random chance it will visit them, also there could be a percentage chance it deletes a random file or upload and install a spammer (just for the authenticity of it)

the virtuall vpcs should also reset ip at random too

hope u like the idea

Edited on 16-08-2008 20:33  
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17-08-2008 02:00

This player is awesome: he/she has been actively supporting SlaveHack SyNK
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17-08-2008 20:30

There are tons of awesome suggestions to be implemented, but the one I (and I'm sure lots of other people) would be really happy if it was implemented is this:


I forget who all has mentioned it before me, but seriously, how many people have gotten really screwed because of this?
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17-08-2008 20:33

More In-Game interfaces because I am getting tired and bored of the current ones. smile.gif  
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17-08-2008 20:36

The bank account thing is annoying in cases like this:

You have half the price of whatever your paying for in your first bank and then an empty bank between the first and the next one with cash in it.

Because it checks the banks one at a time it still prints in your logs "0 cash was taken", so if unknown to you you are being camped, more than the bank accounts being paid for are revealed and could be checked/robbed in future.

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19-08-2008 03:52

Since I wrote it in the other thread and think it'd add something to the game...

I think adding sub-games to the game would be interesting. Basically how we have forum.exe, perhaps we could have blackjack.exe, chess.exe, tic-tac-toe.exe, and so on, and then you could download them from servers and then run on our vpc and play them.  
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19-08-2008 04:38

Make the Enc and DeC like hider and seeker and make the Ana useful for something other than taking up space :/  
RaZr X
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19-08-2008 20:18

While there are efforts at coding a GUI version of the game, how about a CLI version too? some people live in a windowless world too. bash / korn shell prompt anyone?


the CLI should also have some definite advantage over the GUI version, as it allows for faster processing because of optimized resources, (no images, no nothing)

to erase logs, type rm -f /var/log/messages

pure CLI. 2x faster than the GUI version.

Edited by moderator [j_nash3000] on 27-08-2008 13:28  
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19-08-2008 20:56

I think that instead of just CPU and Connection processes the Connection process type should be split into Upload and Download processes.  
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19-08-2008 21:15

"how about a CLI version too? some people live in a windowless world too"

Can't you just use Lynx? :S

Edited on 19-08-2008 21:15  
RaZr X
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19-08-2008 21:17

no, coz you wont get past the captcha.  
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19-08-2008 21:17

CLI in this type of game is awesome. I remember back with nethack some of the coolest things were because a cli existed to some extent.  
RaZr X
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19-08-2008 21:19

instead of connecting to a server through a "browser" you can just type, telnet <ip address here> 80


scp file1 file2


make && make install  
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15 posts
19-08-2008 21:20

So that's the only thing that needs to be changed, can think of a way to get a working captcha though, I can't?  
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133 posts
19-08-2008 21:21

I want to see a program you download from an NPC that allows tabs above "The Internet" on the page from the link "Internet", that allows you to login to different IPs and perform different actions on different locations without having to login and logout of your previous location. The number of pages you can browse at once should depend on the speed of your CPU.

1mhz-1000mhz = 1 Browser
1001mhz-2000mhz = 2 Browsers
2001mhz-3000mhz = 3 Browsers
3001mhz-4000mhz = 4 Browsers
4001mhz-5000mhz = 5 Browsers

With this, I feel you should make the cost of CPUs a litttle greater as well. Probably doubling the cost of all CPU upgrades above 1000mhz would do the trick.

Only a suggestion.  
RaZr X
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105 posts
19-08-2008 21:21

captchas are images, and lynx is a text only browser, so no chance.  
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19-08-2008 21:30

Unfortunately, there isn't really anything we can do to help that RaZr smile.gif

We still need a botcheck, and if you're using lynx how have you played so far??

EDIT: Thanks for all the suggestions people, all are noted!

Edited on 19-08-2008 21:31
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19-08-2008 21:35

"captchas are images"

They can be sound, text or images. Anything to prove your a human really.

"if you're using lynx how have you played so far?"

Maybe he's very lucky with guessing numbers XD

I think that it shouldn't be added because very very few people would use it and making a text captcha is hard.

Edited on 19-08-2008 21:37  
RaZr X
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105 posts
19-08-2008 21:37

you cant use lynx, coz you cant log in, it stops right on the captcha remember?

so unless theres a way to bruteforce the catchas (all 9999 of them) there's a pretty good chance that we can play this game on lynx. Otherwise, id stick to konqueror or firefox  
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19-08-2008 21:47

As this is a hacking simulation and all of our tools are browser based, the most logical approach to take would to make a command line interface run within your browser. That would make it very easy to simply flag up the captcha.

Oh and the captcha pulls from a list of 600. A random 600 from 9999 of em. Though, there is also multiple variations of the same numbers, and I have seen the same numbers in succession before.

However the captcha is beatable, because all random number generated things have a sequence. But someone would be banned 500 times before they figured out how the sequence goes.  
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19-08-2008 22:43

I command line within the game would be awesome.

Example: wink.gif


Since "Using more than 1 Internet Browser" is going to be deleted soon this is the only important thing I said in my posts there:

"Open and transparent game development would be good. Knowing what things in the game are being worked one and how close they are to being finished."

Edited on 20-08-2008 02:26  
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14 posts
20-08-2008 17:30

Could they add something where you can delete i.p's off of your slaves list?  
xbillasurferx's avatar
133 posts
20-08-2008 17:31

There is something like that there.  
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