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Thu 12th Apr 2012, 09:43AM

Anaxus, you make me laugh everytime.  
Mr. Banny
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Sat 14th Apr 2012, 01:27AM

I was afraid I deleted my own GS, but fortunately it was someone else's. smile.gif If I really did delete my own GS, it would have been a real FAIL. grin.gif  
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Wed 9th May 2012, 20:04PM

This is what Hydro_Zepplin sent to us in his logs after we DDoSed his entire clan, including him.

Ok so after emailing us all asking us to 5 him we eventually tracked his IP down again and of course, 5'd him since our clans were at war anyway. After we 5'd him and his clan he got really angry, started crying and begged us to stop. So we gave him a chance, he then started swearing at us and telling us how depressed he is and generally looking for attention. When that didn't work he resorted to writing us this in his logs

dont post no bullshit in my logs as a reply to this dont call me bullshit names in npcs its done i respect ur wishes to get me to shut the fuck up and i will so do the same and also do not touch my dads or my jobs ip that is so fucking ridiculas i cant really hack u and to think that u thought ur doing me "DITRY" yeah that crossed the line! its a game im done being the idiot here i was in fact portraying the badass shit talking guy everyone loves to hate im done i leearned the error of my ways in no attemtp am i trying to go back on my word to frost about me going to change! i am going to change but do not hack me ever again! u can ddos me 1 billion times on sh fuck it i suck and i deserve it but dont do anything to me in real life i cant beleive i have to actually type this up if im going to waste my fucking time and my high on typing this bullshit i obviously had a threat inside my computer just mins ago im not gonna make the shit up and sit here typing for days about it! i can type a full fucking gig about how pissed off i am that someone would do that to me! yes u got to me no i cant hack yes u win now please dont do it again i already had to go to the police station to report that somoeone at 46 frist ave raritan (hack them if anyone) stole my bank card withdrew almost my entire acct and nearly got away with it i had to file report about it yes im depressed and high (just the plant) so dont push me over the edge cuz i will not hesitate to report the threat in real life now im done every messaging emailing talking via logs with all of u u all kicked myass when i was down Social ENgineered me when i had no clue about it i already feel like a stupid fuck loser what the fuck do u have to go out of your way and hack me for! hey its only the worst day i have had expierienced in years emotionally unstable would be a luxury right now im full blown fucking crazy! leave me alone PLEASE! SORRY FOR THOSE WHO JUST PLAYED SH LEGIT AND NEVER DID ANYTHING THAT FOUL ONE PERSON RUINED IT FOR EVERYONE NO MORE HYDRO ACTING OUT IM DONT PLAYING WITH PPL IM STRICTLY ME AND ME ALONE IF U HEAR OTHERWISE ITS BULLSHIT THATS THE FACTS FROM THE SOURCE IM FINALLY DONE WITH NEARLY A FULL GIG TYPED OUT U SHOULD KNOW THAT IM 100% SERIOUS AND THAT I WOULDN'T MAKE SHIT UP FOR NO REASON!!!!!!

I would just like to clarify that no one in DeathByProxy promotes real life hacking and none of us ever have or will hack someones real computer. We are also a legitimate clan who strongly disagree with cheating in any form. Hydro is just a very, very sore loser and his posts made me laugh too much to not post them here
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Thu 10th May 2012, 11:47AM

In the spirit of self-depreciation and a good ability to laugh at myself, this is a conversation that went down a couple nights ago

[7:06:51 PM] Frosty: you see his logs?
Went to log on ddos target
[7:07:42 PM] Krypt Keeper: i didnt clear his logs? the ddos hit is in it
[7:08:02 PM] Frosty: look again grin.gif
i refresh logs again.....
03-05-2012 00:05 [!! a DDoS attack from, hardware was damaged !!]
02-05-2012 23:27 admin logged in from [localhost]

[7:08:37 PM] Krypt Keeper: ur making me feel more stoned... lol
[7:09:30 PM] Frosty: haha its got a death by proxy ascii on it now
Refresh again
[7:10:33 PM] Krypt Keeper: no......
[7:10:56 PM] Frosty: lol its showin on mines.. are you hittin the right ip? tongue.gif rofl
[7:11:56 PM] Krypt Keeper: it was the ip you gave me.....
[7:12:13 PM] Frosty:
[7:12:15 PM] Frosty: ?
[7:12:36 PM] Krypt Keeper:
[7:12:38 PM] Frosty: shit i think im in the wrong ip lol
[7:12:39 PM] Krypt Keeper: thats who has a vtrack
[7:12:48 PM] Krypt Keeper: thats who is at 8mb...
[7:12:52 PM] Krypt Keeper: and im the stoned one
[7:13:01 PM] Frosty: rofl!!!!
[7:13:06 PM] Krypt Keeper: ur soberness is fucking me up!

I think this is a -1 for going the sober route......
This is the reason i make sure to play drunk. Shit is just so much funnier after some whisky lol.
Peace guys.  
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Fri 11th May 2012, 00:30AM

Hey a fail of your own, nice
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Fri 11th May 2012, 02:57AM

i laughed my ass off for a while on that one  
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Tue 12th Jun 2012, 19:53PM

it is pretty funny tho  
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Sat 16th Jun 2012, 09:43AM

This is a fail!

I managed to finally hack someones bank account.

Then I attempt to transfer it it only has 250 euro in it and then the transfer fails then I get hacked by someone else and got completely deleted and it has taken me 4 hours to get my VPC to full working order  
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Sat 16th Jun 2012, 10:11AM

well u sir are most def a noob but at least u dont rage quit keep trying and we will keep supplying DDoS Excpect Us  
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Sat 16th Jun 2012, 20:25PM

I don't rage quit because I thought it was funny  
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Sat 16th Jun 2012, 20:34PM

Ye at least you dont rage quit like Hydro, who then decides the next day he's back and his clan is the tits. Then the next day his clean is dead and he sucks and he wants too quit. Then the next day he's back and he's the hottest shit that SH ever saw. Then the next day he's a nobody, then the next day he's the queen of DDoSing....... and so on.
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Wed 11th Jul 2012, 12:02PM

lol you really did all that to jonrocks? >grin.gif  
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Sat 25th Aug 2012, 04:04AM

gateway hell and his ghost ddosing  
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Wed 21st Nov 2012, 03:34AM

My fav fail is was thinking i was a bigshot delete like 6 account's in a day and got hit 10 times they had some friends. lolz  
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Sun 23rd Dec 2012, 03:57AM

Skittles10 taking 50 minutes to crack a two year old bank account only to get nothing!
Has to be my favourite so far.

That or the day I joined this game, that was pretty failzor.  
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Sun 20th Jan 2013, 23:18PM

Not really a fail, but made us lol anyway:

a conversation between me and skittles10 on msn, he was happily DDoSsing a member of our group and found another IP he wasnt too keen on:

skittles10 says:
<IP Address>
get your boys to f**k him up
MnM says:
mate you are ddossing us!
skittles10 says:
im guna do it then

Cheers to skittles10 for putting some laughs into getting our asses DDoS'd by him tongue.gif  
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Sun 20th Jan 2013, 23:56PM

Skittles10 is a bit of a clown. He comes around every once in a while, begs for handouts, DDoSes until people stop giving him money/he gets robbed and then he quits for a while. lol
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Mon 21st Jan 2013, 11:12AM

Aww, Twice now I've jumped on, deleted his .fwl then unleashed my bunch of 5/5/5 (or close) minions on him. He catches their IPs, Ddos's them back down to 5.5.5 but then theres nothing he can do, so they continue to wipe him over and over till they get bored or Bobo gets involved. At which point we all scatter tongue.gif

Its been fun for all of us I'm guessing. With people so high up on the leaderboards, im sure they don't manage to fight each other much since everyone knows instant clear techniques.

The war combined with bobo re-uping all of us to a reasonable level by sending us some money (Which skittles stole some of, which one of our scrubs stole back again lol, who skittles preceded to ddos twice before getting targeted himself) PLUS some generous person donating us a 1.5gb connection group server made for an eventful fun day xD.gif  
yoot XVIII
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Fri 22nd Mar 2013, 18:38PM

I found someone that did not delete anything out of his logfiles of internet logfiles XD then I hacked him and deleted everything he hadXD XD XD

And to make it funnier i just found someone who left their ip on his logfileXD

Edited by staff member [EvilAngel] on 24-03-2013 00:49  
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Fri 22nd Mar 2013, 21:11PM

Dude, that's not funny... That's the same thing as saying, "Diz fails, dat fails, etc." Congrats. You hacked someone. This thing happens all the time, noobs will leave their IP and then learn not to do so. A good fail is if someone caught all of someone's banks or slave list, 5'ed them, and robbed them, not forgetting to reset any GS slaves. That is pretty fail. Why do you use XD so much?

Also, don't double post (post twice in a row), just edit your first post.  
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Sat 23rd Mar 2013, 09:03AM

^ Fail.  
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Sun 24th Mar 2013, 09:49AM

^ Agreed

One big fail in it's self  
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Sun 24th Mar 2013, 17:52PM

On what grounds? What is wrong with telling a noob what is the ordinary and what is a real fail/brag?  
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Tue 26th Mar 2013, 11:12AM

I made a big mistake by adding "hack ip [my own IP]" into my "todo list" by mistake. And after that, I found out that there isn't a log in button on that IP (because it's my own IP). so I posted the problem on the chat but forgot to delete the ip. however, a few minutes after posting, I realized I posted my own IP!  
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Tue 26th Mar 2013, 11:19AM

lol it got resolved pretty quick tho  
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