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What is Slave hack ?
Slave Hack is an online hacking simulation game, Slave Hack is NOT related to any real hacking!
All in-game is virtual, everything is made up..like the IP ranges, software, warez etc.

OK I'm not afraid anymore - tell me about the features!
To start with the best: SH is a free game, you never need to show your credit card.
You start SH with a very old (133Mhz, 1gb harddisk) computer, you will need to gather some hack software quick or else you won't be able to defend yourself in this virtual world ! You can choose to live very defensive with as goal to collect good firewalls and live peacefully, or choose to collect powerful firewall-bypassers and password crackers to hack computers and make them your slaves.

These hacked computers (slaves) can be used to earn money or gain more power:
- Use them to send spam (Earn a few euros for every million emails).
- Sell warez (Illegally download one of the latest games and sell it online - Virtually, of course).
- DDoS and destroy an enemy computer.
- ...and more!

Slaves will do your bidding, BUT be sure to clean out your log files every now and then, otherwise your PC will be visited by some nasty admins very soon! You can also use logs in your advantage however - You can check logfiles of other VPC's to track any online transaction... and then what? Hack the bank account ;)!

Goal of the game: Gather the best software and hardware around and hack as much player computers and NPC servers as you can to earn a spot in the highscores.

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