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Game statistics
Player computers296031
NPC computers 182
Group servers 6621
Virusses running a.t.m.432023
Slaves 334590 (113 % of all computers)
Spam sent4842819 million mails
Warez sold9439822002.6251 Gb
Hours played2438203 hours.
Game started17647 days ago.

Please help us to reach my goal for SH, it is a nice way for me, as an admin, to see players really like my game.
I have made 10 goals, we are currently busy with goal 1/10:
Goal 1: To reach 100 active players*.
27 %

Passed 25 % :)
*Active players: the player logged in within the last 7 days, currently 27 active players.

Please vote on Slavehack at the following vote sites please. Every vote gives SH about 7-9 new hits !
Thank you.

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Vote for SH at onrpg.com
Vote on Oz-games200
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Banner(s) and (msn) avatars
Use them as you want, it also helps slave hack grow !
To download the pictures right-click on the one you like then select "Save image as". You can than insert the picture in the settings part of your chat program.

Slave hack, a free online hacking game

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